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Payments Transaction Processing

IMS Payments Suite is designed for Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporates, Asset Management and Securities trading companies. ECS Fin has been working in the payments industry for over 2 decades and has experience working with Fortune 100 companies.

Welcome To ECSFin

ECS Fin is an Engineering firm established in 1999 by experts worked in the US, providing consulting and implementation services to reengineering the legacy payments systems. Our experts realized that institutions spent more time and money to revamp legacy systems and such reengineered systems became obsolete before the ROI was received. This scenario sparked the need to provide a Payment system that it stable, easy to deploy, secured, ready to adapt to regulatory changes at the same time, technologically viable.

Banks and financial institutions has pressure to customize, modify its core systems/ Middleware systems to comply with Technology and Regulatory changes. IMS- Enterprise Message Hub has been designed to coexist with your legacy systems at same time it gives the power to compete with the new age digital banks.
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IMS Payments, ECS Fin’s Enterprise Payment Hub is a well-organized transaction processing system that can manage and control the entire range of payments, connectivity, integration and messaging. Connect instantly with the Central Bank WPS (Wages Protection System) and provide a safe, secure, efficient and robust mechanism.
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ECS Fin has been in the Middle East region since 2016. Over the last 5 years, ECS Fin has customized its payment systems and created a Middle East Payment Hub which addresses the local RTGS, ACH, Direct Debit, Wages/Salary processing, Instant Payments, Ripple etc.,
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Enjoy total freedom from a battery of hardware, software, network connections and specialized skills by adopting this one-window solution – ECS Premier Certified SWIFT Service Bureau!
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Receive and process millions of messages, files or documents from multiple channels and route to a widespread network of systems in desired formats and protocols. ECS offers high quality Integration Platform As A Service (IPAAS).
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ECS Fin Architects evaluate, re-design and provide optimized solutions to complex message and transaction processing environment. We shall provide consulting services for your Process Optimization, Architectural Design, IS020022 strategy, SWIFT interface set up etc.,
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