Welcome To ECSFin

ECS Fin is an Engineering firm established in 1999 by experts worked in the US, providing consulting and implementation services to reengineering the legacy payments systems. Our experts realized that institutions spent more time and money to revamp legacy systems and such reengineered systems became obsolete before the ROI was received.

Our History

Industry Needs

In 2010, ECS Fin partnered with SWIFT to become a SWIFT services bureau and in the same year, IMS Applications are Gold Certified by SWIFT.

Real Time/ Instant Payments

The real time payments are the future of payments industry and it has been implemented successfully.

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Centralized Payments Processing

The unprecedented business scenarios today, has forced the Banks and Financial Institutions to rethink the way it has been operating for decades.

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ISO 20022 Migration

It describes a metadata repository containing descriptions of messages and business processes, and a maintenance process.

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Financial Services Regulation

We economic experts are predicting that there will be a global meltdown of the global economy, with significant downside risks.

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