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ECS Fin is an Engineering firm established in 1999 by experts worked in the US,
providing consulting and implementation services to reengineering
the legacy payments systems.
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  • Immigration consultant, Information technology consulting
  • Consultant pharmacist Creative consultant
  • Employment consultant Environmental consultant.

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Our Services

Elevate financial companies and corporates from existing levels of operational efficiency; whilst building communities and equipping them to self-sustainability and better quality of life.

IMS-Payments Processing

A payment consist of defined validations, workflows, authorization, approvals, ACK/NACK, Settlement Instructions, and Cash Management & Reconciliation. Integrated Messaging System (IMS) Payment processing is based on organizing data at various stages of a payment lifecycle. A payment lifecycle may be successful, failed, needs repair or requires manual intervention.

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Enterprise Payment Hub

IMS Payment hub is designed to take over the payment ownership and takes care of ACK/NACK respective of the payment channels. If a payment option selected by customer, then IMS proceeds with that instruction and ensure your customers can decide if they wish to use SWIFT, Ripple and so on. In payments industry we call “Quality Data provides Quality Payments”.

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Our Regional Solutions

ECS has a team of certified SWIFT engineers, Network Engineers and Security Engineers who can provide SWIFT service installation and interface setup.

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