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Our Products

ECS Fin is turning departments into profit centers through process optimization with its comprehensive line of transaction processing solutions. With a deep and proven expertise, it has been a trusted partner of banks, investment managers, fund administrators, hedge funds and multi-national corporations worldwide for over 20 years. ECS Fin has been innovating products for global and regional payments, cash management, financial messaging, compliance, digital banking, open banking, API gateway and trade processing.

For decades, institutions worked with transaction processing systems that were transactional and completely isolated from each other, an approach that continues to remain deeply rooted in the psyche of many banks and corporations. This needs to change and ECS Fin is doing this relentlessly.

We strongly believe that,

  • Taking a systems approach to design is key to weather industry evolution.
  • That a holistic framework redefines how transactions are processed.
  • That efficient operations have a direct consequence to enterprise goals.
  • That changing market dynamics should not disrupt business.
  • That a transaction processing solution should not take years to be deployed.

Enterprise Messaging Platform

Banks and financial institutions has pressure to customize, modify its core systems/ Middleware systems to comply with Technology and Regulatory changes. IMS- Enterprise Message Hub has been designed to coexist with your legacy systems at same time it gives the power to compete with the new age digital banks.

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Enterprise Payment Hub

IMS Payment hub is designed to take over the payment ownership and takes care of ACK/NACK respective of the payment channels. If a payment option selected by customer, then IMS proceeds with that instruction and ensure your customers can decide if they wish to use SWIFT, Ripple and so on. In payments industry we call “Quality Data provides Quality Payments”.

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Our Regional Solutions

A payment consist of defined validations, workflows, authorization, approvals, ACK/NACK, Settlement Instructions, and Cash Management & Reconciliation. Integrated Messaging System (IMS) Payment processing is based on organizing data at various stages of a payment lifecycle. A payment lifecycle may be successful, failed, needs repair or requires manual intervention.

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