Solutions CONTACT US ECS Fin’s solutions are derived using the robust features of IMS Payments Platform. Read Factsheet Request Demo

ECS Fin’s solutions are derived using the robust features of IMS Payments Platform. IMS Payments are designed to address the requirements of Banks, Credit Unions, Corporates, Insurance and Healthcare companies. Our solutions will address to any requirements you may have in the payments value chain.

If you need to manage all your bank accounts, process all payments in bulk, manage your treasury departments are driving measures to not only save costs but are also innovating and adding measurable business value on an enterprise-wide level and a specific department based solution, then IMS Solutions will be your best fit for your ROI.

Payment Value Chain

  • Initiate/Request– from online users, branches, internal systems, corporate customers
  • Validate– business rules, network rules, processing rules
  • Profile – Identify/engage category, process sequence etc. for each transaction
  • Duplicate Check –  by desired combination of field
  • Compliance & AML Check – by category/type/purpose, upload/manage multiple sanction lists
  • Message Creation – instructions, STP entries, copies to interested parties
  • Approvals– follow rules in Profile (Bypassed for RTP)
  • Release Controls – available balance, release time, alternate routing
  • Response Management – Ack/NACK, Debit/Credit Confirms
  • Request Status/Cancel – all related workflow
  • Rejections– Exceptions & Event Management
  • Statement Management – reconciles with underlying instructions
  • Positions & Balances– manages Nostro-balances, customer balances
  • Corporate Services – STP Updates, Statements, Notifications, Status updates
  • Data Governance – Store all incoming and outgoing data, link by Transaction
  • Reports – Data summary views, reports, executive dashboard, regulatory reports

Payments as a Service

IMS Solutions are built with robust ML algorithms to take decisions on a timely and cost effective manner. The basic foundation of IMS Payments comprises of Multi-Tenant, Multi-Entity, Multi- Currency, Multi-Lingual, Cross Regulatory standards, Data sensitive system that is available in Cloud for any type of payments processing. Its rich libraries and adapters for SAP S4 Hana, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERP, Sage etc., APIs, SWIFT, Domestic Payment Libraries to help you to integrate rapidly to save time and cost. All IMS solutions are ISO 20022 compliant and its ML based engines helps you transform any input formatted information to require destination formats with or without any enrichment etc., Our Payment as a service solution is available in Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and AWS. Based on our client’s data policy, the choice is provided to our clients to choose the cloud platform of their choice.

ECS Fin manages the end to end infrastructure needs of the cloud platform performing activities such as Hardware/Software update/upgrade, Periodic Health Checks, Periodic compliance audit, Local Support etc.,

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IMS Payments Factory for Corporates- Cash Management & Reconciliation

Corporate treasurers are rethinking their cash operations and liquidity decision-making for a seamless experience and need a treasury platform that offers specialized services in cash management, in-house banking, treasury integration, and connectivity to banks to face the changing treasury landscape. Corporate treasurers want an integrated corporate cash management solution that can offer more visibility of their cash across several banks accounts, optimize their liquidity for better use of their cash pool, enable efficiency in transaction execution, centralize FX management, offer more risk transparency, and control.

ECS Fin’s integrated corporate cash management solution is an easy-to-use solution that enables corporate treasurers to navigate the new treasury landscape. It is a complete, straight-through processing (STP) solution that provides a secure single channel inter-bank and corporate-to-bank connectivity. Corporate treasures can process payments, gain real-time access to current and past cash positions, manage corporate liquidity, and leverage automated delivery tools for account management.

For corporates wanting additional treasury services capabilities, IMS Payment Factory for Corporates fully integrated cash management solutions offers capabilities around quick customer onboarding, direct treasury integration across multiple banks and systems and efficiently processes electronic invoicing transactions. The platform also supports robust messaging capabilities for receiving and processing millions of messages, files, or documents from multiple channels and routes these transactions to the respective systems in various messages and protocols. Also, corporate treasury can benefit from the reconciliation capabilities for reconciling payments, or invoices against payments. As such, corporations who are rapidly shifting to a digitally demanding millennial workforce of corporate treasures can manage their cash anytime, anywhere, and via any channel.

Why ECS?

  • A workflow based, payments orchestration layer to provide comfort to your customized needs
  • Connectivity with various leading ERP Systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage etc.,)
  • Real-time update of your cash position, balances which helps you to decide on your investments.
  • ISO 20022 Standards, SWIFT Gold Certified Solution, 10+ years of experience working with large corporates.